Stress Awareness
E-Learning CPD

Welcome to this online Stress Awareness module. This module is designed to give you an overview of stress awareness at work. The module explains what stress is and how it is expressed physically and psychologically.

We identify potential causes of stress to yourself and to colleagues, explain how to minimise feelings of stress before it becomes a serious problem and offer some short-term coping strategies for dealing with stress as well as longer term solutions.

In section six we offer some links to further information on dealing with work related stress.

Learning Outcomes

What stress is, how it can work for or against you and your potential responses to stress

Work related stress, demonstrating how to spot problems and showing how stress can be both good or bad

Different risk factors relating to Work Related Stress and how to minimise them

Scenarios aimed to help you understand how best to cope with stress

Email as a source of stress and we offer some tips on good practice when writing emails

Stress Awareness
E-Learning CPD

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